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Elle Bishop
14 April
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Basic Information

Elle Bishop is 25 years old. She is the daughter of Bob Bishop, and an unknown female. She has no siblings. She manifested when she was six years old when she burnt her grandmother's house in fire. She was tested on by doctors at the Company, only to have her memories erased. The testing and warping of her memories made something in her grow twisted, not quite right. She has a sadistic streak. She likes zapping people, making them hurt, making them squirm. She's playful but deadly, and isn't afraid to remind people of either of those facts.

She spent most of her life inside of the Company, which has left her very ignorant of the outside world and how to act in normal social situations. She was fired after her father was killed and this has left her life a little a muck since then. She briefly worked at Pinehearst, which eventually resulted in her death. She's not sure how, but she's been revived, and she's taking control of her own life, finally. She refuses to be anyone's tool anymore. She's missed out on so much, and she wants to make up for that.


dramadramaduck- Elle stumbles across the website DramaDramaDuck and posts about her hard life as she works through her story arc starting with episode 3x09.

Brave New World- This is Elle's main SWS verse. It's heavily crossed over with Supernatural and some other fandoms. Takes place after Claire jumps off the Ferris wheel.

Elle And Claire Lesbian Adventures- AU from 3x07. Elle goes off with Claire (autophoenix) instead of going into the Pinehearst building after Peter falls out. Lesbian hijinks ensue.

Cheetos- AU. Elle is alive and still with Sylar (intuitivelyapt). She's pregnant. They're going to be Kfed and Britney.

Open- Open to anyone.

(If you'd like to start up a specific verse, feel free to contact the mun about it! She's always looking for more verses!)

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